Days 15 & 16 - Shuffling and Jumping to Leon

Days 15 & 16 - Shuffling and Jumping to Leon

Carrion de los Condes to Leon

Two days. Traveled  90 kilometers - We Walked 48 kilometers, almost 30 miles.

Jackie and another bridge Jackie and another bridge


Welcoming monument at the Camino Frances de la Virgen, outside Sahagun Welcoming monument at the Camino Frances de la Virgen, outside Sahagun


The internet was not good last night in Sahagun, so we eventually gave up the idea of posting. Truthfully, there wasn't a lot to post from Carrion de los Condes to Sahagun. It was, by far, the least amount of photos that we have taken in a day, and most of those were taken after reaching Sahagun, where a Saturday market was going on in the old town.


Sahagun market Sahagun market



Sahagun market Sahagun market


The Camino spent lots of time following a little used road. For us, the path was not very inspiring. Others, whom we spoke to, said the long stretch from Carrion de los Condes was great.  We like more towns and visiting the bars for a break. We are apparently missing something, because the Meseta has done little for us, except make us "antsy" to get out of it.




So, today, we left Sahagun with the plan to put in our kilometers quickly and then taxi to Leon, where we will enjoy an off day tomorrow.


Trees planted for shade for many kilometers along Camino Trees planted for shade for many kilometers along Camino


The weather changed today. Temperatures, which were hitting 90 degrees in mid-afternoons, were less than 80 degrees today and as we jumped in the taxi to head to Leon for the final 25 kilometers, the rain started to fall.


Pilgrim Jim Pilgrim Jim


Jackie and Jim-Pilgrims Jackie and Jim-Pilgrims

Warm and dry in the taxi, we passed many, many, many wet pilgrims, walking west along side the road we were traveling. Most of them looked miserable.


Clouds coming to the Camino Clouds coming to the Camino


We are now ensconced in a small boutique hotel in Leon, located directly across the street from the Leon Cathedral. It is massive and magnificent.

We visited the cathedral late this afternoon. We had been told that the church was breathtaking, and it was. The stained glass work is unbelievable. Columns and columns of stained class, 50 to 80 feet tall are unreal. The building is huge and the art that it holds is amazing.

I will post a few photos. Again, they won't do it justice.


Leon Cathedral Leon Cathedral


Leon Cathedral - Note that the windows nearly dwarf the 30 foot tall altar (lower right) Leon Cathedral - Note that the windows nearly dwarf the 30 foot tall altar


Half Way

Sahagun, the city where we spent last night, is the geographical center of the Camino--according to its literature.


Small World

While the world can look so big when you walk with many nationalities, sometimes it shows that it is very small.

This morning, checking out of Puerta de Sahagun Hotel, we were jockeying for clerk time, with a group of new Pilgrims who had also stayed at the hotel.

One of the women in particular looked familiar to us and we spoke of that as we hit the trail.

While we were taking a break along the Camino some 11 kilometers down the road in a small bar in Bercianos del Real Camino, in came the group we had seen at the hotel. Jackie, the social butterfly, introduced herself to the group and at some point asked where they were from.

Puerto Vallarta!!

And, we learned that the woman, named Kim, who appeared familiar to us earlier, owned a interior design store in the area of Puerto Vallarta marina that we have visited several times on our yearly trips to the great Mexican city. We're sure that we have been in her store.


Te Puerto Vallarta group. Ramiro (bottom lft). Kim (arm and arm with Jackie) The Puerto Vallarta group. Ramiro (bottom lft). Kim (arm and arm with Jackie)


It was like old friends meeting!!

We ended our break and hit the road ahead of the group, but were quickly caught by Ramiro, a PV attorney from their group, and we had lots of fun talking with him about his favorite restaurants.

The kilometers clicked off and it was great fun. When we said goodbye to them, one village later, we were all friends.


Mom and Son Camino

Yesterday as we walked, we met a young outgoing guy, maybe 21, from Austria, who was walking the Camino with his mother.

We loved the special significance such a walk would mean for both of them. Years from now, they could remember this special time that they shared.

They walked past us.

Earlier that morning, we had been passed by three giggly young girls in their early 20s, who appeared more likely to be heading to a party than walking the Camino. They tee-heed with some bikers, posed for photos for an older Spanish "character."


As we were being passed by mom and son, we enjoyed their tale of this special adventure. Introductions were made, and we were sold on this special time.

Well, you know the rest of the story.

About 30 minutes after meeting the mother and son, we walked up to the three girls along the road, and the son tending to one of the girls, who had "fallen."

Mom was walking alone, ahead of us and would walk ahead of us, alone all day.

But the son with one of the girls passed us again at a small church along the Camino. And then, we watched, as he took photos of his new friend.

Mom was long gone. That was yesterday.


Today, as we walked into the terrace of a bar in El Burgo Ranero, who should we see at a nearby table, but the son, happily chatting with the three girls, while mom sighed and looked annoyed as romance bloomed.

The plans for her Camino had changed. We felt for mom.


A father and son A father and son


In and Out of Our Lives

We are now seeing many people over and over again. We have nicknames for some of them--most of which we will not share.

There are some incredibly strong people on this walk. They carry huge backpacks. They have major blister problems and they trudge on day after day.

Some Pilgrims met a few days before now seem like long lost friends when we sit down in a bar along the way and look up to see their faces.

It's very unusual.

It appears to be the way of the Camino.


Day Off In Leon

We are off the trail tomorrow, enjoying a day of rest and discovery in Leon. We both want to buy a few walking pieces of clothing--wearing the same things every other day can be depressing.


Looking for a menu in English--a difficult task at times Looking for a menu in English--a difficult task at times


We are also hoping to see the Holy Grail, which supposedly is on display only six blocks away in  a special church museum.

We will see what tomorrow brings.

Buen Camino!!