Warriors on the Way

Warriors on the Way is the non profit foundation brainchild of Father Steven Rindahl, designed to help heal American veterans who were suffering PTSD or moral injury as a result of their military experience. Through Father Steve's guidance, and with the support of professional mental health professionals, small groups of veterans enjoy the healing power and experience of the Camino de Santiago. 

We, at Camino de Santiago Life,  have been humbled by the opportunity to provide donations for the ministry of Warriors on the Way. Therefore 30% of each purchase of Warriors on the Way merchandise will be donated to Warriors on the Way. 

However, if given the option, customers must designate Warriors on the Way as the recipient of this donation, which comes from Camino de Santiago Life--it costs nothing extra to customers. There may be several donation options available--Please Designate Warriors on the Way as your choice when purchasing Warriors on the Way Merchandise.

So, dear customer. please be generous with our donations and buy two or three Warriors on the Way mugs. Each mug purchased will result in a Camino de Santiago Life donation of $4.80 to $5.40.

And when you are done shopping, visit WarriorsontheWay.org to learn more about this amazing organization!!