About Us

Buen Camino!! We are Jim and Jackie Gascho, your store hosts.

We opened the Camino de Santiago Life store as a result of our deep love for and our fascination in the Camino de Santiago. We included many, many, many Camino products and designs--all meant to add a Camino smile to your heart.

We were fortunate to walk our Camino in 2014 from Pamplona to Santiago. We long to return.

Our preparations for the Camino included the usual--a trip to REI, overbuying supplies, and the purchase of every Camino book we could find. We walked our neighborhood many evenings, tested many pairs of boots and shoes, packed and re-packed our backpacks. We ate and slept Camino.

And the Camino was no disappointment. It was wonderful.

And that is why we opened Camino de Santiago Life shop. It will add that Camino smile to your heart. These items do just that. And we want to offer this great stuff holding Camino values in this business. We want you to visit us regularly because we remind you of the extraordinary Camino de Santiago.