We Give

Four percent of your purchase will automatically be donated from our profits to your choice: Veterans on the Camino, Peaceable Projects, American Pilgrims on the Camino and Warriors on the Way.

Camino de Santiago Life, through the Shopping Gives Network, will donate 4% of its sales to these groups at your discretion. You also have the opportunity to choose another Non-Profit group.

The donation never enters Camino de Santiago Life's coffers--instead going directly to the Non-Profit group that you choose through the Shopping Gives network.

We are keenly interested in these groups. And our donations from sales to our great customers passed $1,000 several months ago to these wonderful groups.

Veterans of the Camino is an organization that supports military veterans who find healing on their Camino experience.

Peaceable Projects is a US based non-profit organization that brings resources together to help meet the needs of people who live, work and travel the Camino de Santiago. Their webpage and Facebook page are both very impressive. We are friends with two important supporters of this group.

The American Pilgrims on the Camino is known for donating to the infrastructure of the Camino and for supporting many of the Angels of Spain who support Pilgrims like us on the Camino.

We recently added Warriors on the Way as our fourth designated non profit organization after being introduced to us by a customer. Based in Texas, Warriors on the Way is a PTSD Healing Program to bring Combat Veterans on the Camino de Santiago. We like what we have read about this group and agree with the group's belief that the Camino can help heal with morale and PTSD injury to these combat veterans.

We're proud to be donating to all of these groups. We hope you are as well. In this time of the Pandemic, we need to care for each other.